Obscurelighty Features


  • Only load usefull modules
  • Integrated cache system
  • Optimized source code

High Customizable

  • No design constraints
  • Could develop and integrate your our modules
  • Create static or dynamic websites
  • Mobile device detection for better customization
  • Could manage Flash Websites (or Silverlight)
  • Configuration files could be in PHP (more flexible) or in JSON (more secure)

Integrated Template System

  • PHP pages
  • HTML pages (static content)
  • Wiki syntax pages (could generate HTML/PDF content)
  • Database pages (html or wiki)

It is possible to have a dynamic website without any database using PHP/HTML/Wiki pages. The editor allows to modify somes files directly in the server. A backup system (in order to cancel some edition) is planned.

Javascript support

Obscurelighty could work without javascript for the front-end but for the moment, it requires some javascript for the editor.
Javascript library supported are : Prototype, Mootools and JQuery. But another library could but integrated easily.
It is planned that the editor system could work without javascript, has the front-end system which could provide AJAX loading if the web browser support it.
Obscurelighty wants to be as much flexible as possible.

The editor system doesn't require a specific javascript library, modules are stand alone.

Direct Editor

Multi-language support

  • Two different translation system
    • PO/MO files support
    • INI file support

Different kind of technologies

Thanks to Aware, Obscurelighty could export page content to other kind of technologies like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.
It is possible to create a "embedded" website which could retreive his content through Obscurelighty and if the client doesn't have to player installed, a fallback website could be accessible. By this way, content is always accessible and could be read by search engine bots.