The installation of Obscurelighty requires only one php file to put in the root of your future website.
This file will, thanks to your credentials, retrieve the latest version of Obscurelighty and install it.

It is also possible to download Obscurelighty as an archive zip'' and decompress it into the root of your future website.

Retreiving Obscurelighty

Once the file admin.php laid to the root of your hosting, you can go to the page

Install/Create his website

Via the administration system, it is also possible to download some packages, these modules allow adding new features or just create a new website.
  There are some 'packages which allow to create a nearly empty website, giving you the freedom for the design of your future site.

The 'packages at the root of Obscurelighty contains zip files which can be installed for the system.
Once the base is installed, you can install without worry your website with this interface.
Une fois la base installée, vous pouvez sans soucis installer votre site web par ce bias.
These modules must follow a simple rule: It must contain a file named 'package.json .

This file describes the package as well as some information necessary for its installation.
Here an example:

        "name":"Package Name",