Aware is a wiki system which has been develop in order to be very flexible and customizable.
It could easily be integrated in other PHP system.

The global syntax

Aware has a single rule, the command in present only once. A command is on a begin of a line or in a "inline" command.
A inline command by default starts with a "[" and end with a "]" (it is a customizable value).

So you have some things like:

== Title
Some text [' in bold]

And not like this:
== Title ==
Some text 'in bold'
But with a little bit of configuration, you could have something like:
== Title
Some text [b]in bold[/b]

Configure your syntax

You want to use "-=-=" to create a head title and you don't want to use "====" ?
You just have to put it in the configuration file.
$AWARE_CONFIG['blocks'] = array(
  '_' => 'NormalBlock',
  '#' => 'DivBlock',
  '====' => 'Title1',
  '===' => 'Title2',
  '==' => 'Title3',
  '=' => 'Title4',
  "''" => 'ItalicBlock',
  "'" => 'BoldBlock',
  "*" => 'ListBlock',
  'img' => 'ImageBlock',
  'link' => 'Link',
  'http' => 'LinkHttp',
  'anchor' => 'LinkAnchor',

Create your output elements

With Aware, you can create your own output elements.
If you want a special element which will be display a video, will store or display special information, to interact with the rest of your website, you could !

// To come...

Create your output module

To come...