Obscurelighty uses the same window into your website so you can access the "manager".
The manager provides access to all of your pages, files and configuration of your site.
Manager on the left is a tree with three main categories.


In the 'settings section you can access all the information related to your website.

'Website contains options related to modules and default information.
You can, for example, configure the default title for your pages, but also meta data (different keywords and descriptions used for referencing).

It is also possible to manage the list of aliases. An alias is an internal redirect from one page to another.
When calling the template system to Obscurelighty, you can call the file name or an alias previously configured.
The alias MAIN contains eg the name of the main template and used the alias CONTENT him to tip when the current page.

Aware lists the tags used in your pages.

Cache contains a description of the cache your pages with few functions to clear the cache.
The page also contains information related to the automatic backup.

Users allows you to manage users and access rights.
The interface allows you to create / edit / delete users and manage groups.
The admin group allows access to the manager and editor group allows editing of pages directly from the site.
The other groups are free and you can assign access rights when certain pages or sections.



Advanced features